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About Brian Forever Living Business Owner


My name is Brian and I joined Forever Living in 2015, prior to becoming a business owner I had drank the Gel for over 6 years. I am a long time sufferer with Crohn’s disease and I can honestly day that since drinking the aloe vera gel, I have never had a recurrence of the symptoms associated with this type of IBS / disorder.

Forever Living has been around for quite some time (1978) and their model is based on direct selling rather than high street stores. I decided to become a business owner to have access to the wholesale discount and also due to my interest in running a side business alongside my primary work. I’m an IFA dealing in pensions, investments and annuities, Forever is able to fit around my busy schedule and although I’m still a newbie, it is already a business that generates a steady income stream.

The great strength to Forever is their very easy and effective marketing plan backed up with their very professional training seminars and close support from my team manager. It’s important to be in the right team with Forever Living, if you want to make it a successful business that is.  If you would like to learn more about become a Forever Living business owner – click here.